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City of the Dead

There are whole anthologies of stories out there about what humankind does when a game enters their world... 


Forest of Desire

Is there anything better than a quiet life?


Tears of Alron

The Magic Academy… An institution shrouded in mystery and secrets.


Isr Kale's Journal 

These were dark times for Tailyn Vlashich, the twelve-year-old alchemist. 


True Smithing

Angus Bjornson only ever wanted to do one thing: to continue crafting exquisite weapons and pieces of armor for his loyal customers. 

TrueSmithign 2.jpg

True Smithing II 

To Angus, things couldn't be more perfect. Sure, he still has to deal with an aging body in the outside world that won't allow him to do much....

The Alchemist Series 

The Smithing Series 




Wounded Army vet Logan Murray thought mimics were the stuff of board games and dungeon manuals...right up until one ate him. 

James A Hunter
Aaron Michael Ritchey

Dungeon Heart.jpg

Dungeon Heart
The Singing Mountain

David Sanchez-Ponton

The Emperor of the Forge, Sage of Stones - meaningless titles in the face of death.


The Myrrosil Chronicles

Dawn's Touch.jpg

Dawn's Touch

The Myrrosil Chronicles is a collection of the third-person accounts of the life of Cyrus Farrington...

Anima's Grip.jpg

Anima's Grip

Two planets fight. Neither will back down. 

The Afflicted Saga


The Afflicted Saga

The best weapons come with a story. This one came with a life.

Created to serve as the harbinger of death for a world ignorant to mortality...



The Order of the Divinity Series

Every man, woman, and child knew the legends...

Kin Seeker.jpg

Kin Seeker
Book One of Dragon Calling

N.R. Eccles-Smith

The dragons have mysteriously vanished from the lands of Valadae-except one. 

Science Fiction | Hero 

Soldiers of Earth Rising

The Earthling.jpg

Soldiers of Earthrise

The Earthling 

Jon Taylor is an Earthling. He doesn't care much about space. At least until his brother dies on Bahay, a war-torn planet


Soldiers of Earthrise


Conquering this backwater planet should have been easy. 

61cY9Mk5npL (1).jpg

Soldiers of Earthrise

Earthlings War 

Two planets fight. Neither will back down. 


Thug #1.jpg

Thug #1

Superheroes and villains constantly battle for control of Denver, Colorado, so somebody has to do the heavy lifting.


Yours, Lise.jpg

Your's Life

July 13th, 1938: the renowned nuclear physicist Lise Meitner, approaching the age of 60, sits on the train that will take her to the German-Dutch border 


The Caleb Series

Blessed Child.jpg

The Caleb Series 
Blessed Child

One orphaned boy. A desperate race to keep him alive. And powers that are beyond comprehension.

Man Called Blessed.jpg

The Caleb Series 
A Man Called Blessed

One man holds the key to finding the ark of the covenant.



A Paradise Novel Series 


Carl Strople was covertly recruited to Black Ops....

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